Hair loss products

Lets face it, Hair loss is big business. Many people are affected by hair loss at some time in there life. There is a number of reasons for hairloss and there are many products available to help combat hair loss.

Here at LoveBody we have some of the latest hair loss products available, we are confident that the products we sell will give you results you desire. We listen to user feedback and pay attention to customer testimonials. If products are not up to our high standards will will not sell them. We hope this will give you the confidence and reassurance you need when purchasing your hair loss product.

Provillus for men

One of our flagship hairloss products is our provillus for men. The natural herbal supplement will prevent hair loss and help you regrow your hair. Provillus for women is also available and is very popular. One thing to note, there are many websites selling this product for about £20 per bottle, this is cheaper than the RRP and as a result it has been suggested the only reason these products can be sold so cheaply is they are not genuine provillus products.


We are pleased to be one of the official resellers of the nourkrin hair loss product range. We hold in stock the complete range of nourkrin extra strength with scalp lotion, shampoo and conditioner.

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