New rush aromas website launched

I was looking around recently and I found a new website had been launched.

The site, a very simple clean design, with a yellow background and clean easy navigation Rush Aroma is the UK’s official supplier of the new Extra strong rush aroma.

So, you might think that this site is the same as all the other websites selling poppers and liquid incense. Well yes, but the big difference is these products are stronger than any of the current UK versions. These new products do not contain the current IPO but a new ingredient that is currently legal in the UK.

This site has a wide selection of offers, you can buy single bottles of poppers or you can buy a whole tray of poppers.

No chance of them running out of stock any time soon, as the official supplier of RUSH, Jungle Juice and other brands in the UK the minimum order for wholesale is 144 bottles so if your looking for wholesale RUSH then this is where  you can buy it from.

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