provillus hairloss

Provillus hair loss supplement has always been amongst the front runners when it comes to the most popular hair loss products.

Having been involved in the skin care industry now for many years I have seen many products come and go. Many products that prove to be popular mainly down to website marketing and affiliate marketing. It doesn’t take to long though for these products to slowly fade away in the background. Mainly because people become wise to the product and it’s capabilities. Affiliates soon stop promoting products that prove they do not work. Finding a hair loss product that works isn’t difficult.

Does Provillus work?

That’s the hundred dollar question! Ask your self a  question, ask yourself how long have all of the products you have seen over the last few years been on the market? Which of these products have been around for a long time and are still up there being promoted as one of the best hair loss treatments ? Provillus will also be the number one answer.

So whether you’re looking for the the most popular product, provillus for men or if you’re looking for the recently updated popular provillus for women then you should be taking 5 minutes of your time to read about about this great hair loss product on the official UK provillus website.

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breast actives

Several new products have been added to the lovebody website over the last few weeks. We have been neglecting our blog due to this and hope to return to our blog with new information, news and posts offering hints tips and advice.

Firstly I would like to say that the lovebody website has had a new front page design added. We were missing several products and banners from the front page and it looks quite bare but we have now included many banners and adverts for our best selling products.

We also added many new products and we now have a total of 214 products on our website. One of the new product sections is in the female health sections named breast enhancement.

Breast enlargement products include a number of great products. The best products are those made up of pills and creams, these systems are known as combo due to the combination of breast enhancement pills and breast firming cream.

Why would anyone want breast enhancement products when there is breast implant surgery? Well mainly the cost. Implants are expensive, not to mention painful and you can also have some pretty gruesome side effects if you happen to suffer from any infections following surgery. The safest natural way to enhance your breasts is to use one of the few proven and effective products like breast actives. This combination of pills and firming cream can be found on the Internet from just £20 and will give increase your breast size with regular use. For best results it is advised to use this product for up to 6 months continuously.

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Pro Vimax pills

At long last we have taken our delivery of the new ProVimax penis enlargement pills.

Over the recent years we have seen an increasing demand for these types of products. Mainly down to the great marketing techniques of affiliate marketing but more recently we have seen the introductions of a male enhancement pill that is actually getting great results and great feedback from everywhere.

It’s time to stand up and be counted, and Provimax can stand tall and proud as other penis pills on the market are bowing their heads in shame.

Provimax should not be confused with similar named products like Vimax Pills. Both products are not related and made by different manufacturers.

Provimax is made in the USA under strict FDA guidelines and FDA approved facilities. The ingredients within provimax are the highest and best quality we have ever seen in a penis enlargement product. Due to the high quality ingredients provimax is proving to be the only pill recently with proven results; boasting over 1600mg of jam packed natural herbal products it wins hands down over similar products like vimax pills that just about contact barely over 200mg, and including in these ingredients is a product called Dodder seed, banned in the UK by the MHRA.

Vimax pills from Canada claim to be manufactured in Canada but their official website gives no information about the manufacturing of these pills. With this in mind it is up to you to decide if by hiding this information what else do vimax pills have to hide?

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male edge basic

We have finally added our latest male health product to our website.

The popular male edge extender is available in three different versions. The first of the range is the Male Edge Basic.

You will gain the edge with this penis extender. From the makers of the original Jes Extender this new Male Edge offers 3200g of pressure. The new futuristic design has other extenders searching for new ideas on how to compete with this great new product.

You can increase your length and girth with the male edge, the basic comes complete with the basic penis stretching device, a ruler, rubber strap and a protective carry case.

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New vitamins coming shortly

Finally we are making progress with our vitamin sections.

On the LoveBody website you will find a wide selection of Vitamins including multi- vitamins, Omega 3 supplements. Vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin D, vitamin E, and not forgetting Zinc supplements.

We have nearly 30 products from 6 of the most recognised brands from the vitamin world. Trusted brands and trusted products. Please check our website over the next few week or so for the new products to be added.

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cheap perfume added

We have been busy adding new products on a daily basis to the LoveBody website.

Last week seen the first of our perfumes and fragrances added to our website. We have a short stock of womens perfume at bargain prices. Once these items have been sold then they will be removed from general sale until we re-stock on the most popular and best sellers. This process will take several months as we have lot’s of products to search through.

So if your looking for a perfect gift idea look no further than our women’s perfume section.

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breast enhancement cream

Natural breast enhancement cream

We are please to announced we are one of a handful of companies that are authorised distributors of one of the leading breast enlargement products on the market. Breast Gain plus and the breast gain brand have been on the market for many years but the product and brand has recently undergone some changes. Re-branded, re-designed and re-launched with new, stronger and better ingredients than before the breast gain plus cream is paving the way to the front of the pack and leaving the competition behind.

Customer testimonials speak for themselves so do your homework, read the reviews, check out the ingredients and compare the product to others and you will soon learn why Breast gain plus cream is fast becoming one of the first choices in the breast enhancement market.

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Hair loss products

Lets face it, Hair loss is big business. Many people are affected by hair loss at some time in there life. There is a number of reasons for hairloss and there are many products available to help combat hair loss.

Here at LoveBody we have some of the latest hair loss products available, we are confident that the products we sell will give you results you desire. We listen to user feedback and pay attention to customer testimonials. If products are not up to our high standards will will not sell them. We hope this will give you the confidence and reassurance you need when purchasing your hair loss product.

Provillus for men

One of our flagship hairloss products is our provillus for men. The natural herbal supplement will prevent hair loss and help you regrow your hair. Provillus for women is also available and is very popular. One thing to note, there are many websites selling this product for about £20 per bottle, this is cheaper than the RRP and as a result it has been suggested the only reason these products can be sold so cheaply is they are not genuine provillus products.


We are pleased to be one of the official resellers of the nourkrin hair loss product range. We hold in stock the complete range of nourkrin extra strength with scalp lotion, shampoo and conditioner.

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revitol scar cream

Do you have an unsightly scar that you would like to see the back of? If your answer to this question is yes then we have the answer for you. Revitol Scar Cream is the latest skin care product to be made available from the USA giant Revitol Cosmetics.

Unslightly scars can be caused my a number of problems. Common reasons including:

  • Scars left from acne
  • Scars from burns
  • Scars made from bruises and cuts
  • Scars left from surgeries
  • Scars can be caused by a variety of factors. It may be acne from your teen years, a minor surgical procedure, or just an accident that left a scar on your skin. However you got them, you know that scars can be terribly unsightly and you just want them to be less noticeable.

    Revitol Scar Cream can help erase those unwanted scars with a special formula that is completely natural and easy on your skin.

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    Stretch mark prevention cream

    Are you looking for Revitol stretch mark prevention cream ?

    Look no further. Lovebody is one of the few official resellers of the revitol cosmetics range. There are other sellers in the UK but most of them either have no stock or give poor services with expensive prices. LoveBody prides itself on value for money whilst always giving 110% to ensure customer satisfaction is a priority.

    So lets look more closely at the Stretch mark prevention cream from Revitol.

    Stretch mark prevention does what it says on the tin, it prevents and helps combat stretch marks from happening in the first place, such as before, during and after pregnancy, stretch marks before, during and after pregnancy. It can also help to reduce the appearance of existing stretch marks.

    Although Revitol do a scar cream the stretch mark prevention cream can also be used and is quite effective if used to reduce the appearance of scar tissue.

    Key benefits of using the revitol cream include:

    • Protects and regenerates skin
    • Helps increase production of collagen and elastin in the epidermis
    • Increases the elasticity and strength of the skin
    • Decreases the appearance of existing stretch marks
    • Effectively prevents the development of stretch marks
    • Keeps skin healthy and firm
    • Is easy to apply
    • Requires No Prescription

    Now lets take a quick look at the price. Several places sell the revitol stretch mark prevention cream, some of these companies are tricking people into thinking there prices are low when actually they are expensive. Some companies advertise there products excluding VAT then charge you VAT bumping the price up by 20%. Not only this but they will then charge you VAT on postage costs which is wrong because there is no VAT paid to royal mail for postage. You should always stay away from companies like this because you will never truly know if you are purchasing genuine products. Some companies are even sending out fake products.

    So, if you want good honest low prices for the products you are buying then look no further than LoveBody.


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