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Climinax ultra Reviews

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LoveBody - Mens Health - Premature Ejaculation - Climinax ultra

Climinax ultra

Climinax ultra

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Introducing America's top selling male climax control product here into the UK for the very first time.

How great would you feel if you were able to last longer during love-making and give your partner the best sex of her life - every time!

Premature ejaculation is historically one of the most common sexual problems encountered by males. It is defined when a man reaches climax too quickly soon after foreplay or the beginning of sexual intercourse.

The end result is an unsatisfied, frustrated partner. For this reason, premature ejaculation is a common cause of relationship breakdown often the frustrated partner seeking someone else to get what she needs and wants. Worldwide studies have shown that at least 50% of men are affected by premature ejaculation at one time or another during their lives, mostly attributable to stress.

This does not need to be the case anymore - last between 5-10 times longer with Climinax.

In the past, various methods used to help suffers of premature ejaculation have included penile injections and the application of de-sensitizing creams. Both these methods typically numb the penis and make you lose sensation - now you may quite rightly ask yourself - What's the point in that?? Additionally, having to apply embarrassing creams at that critical moment can damper that romantic mood.

Climinax Ultra uses time tested and scientifically proven herbals to help you relax the "smooth muscles" that contract when you start reaching the point of no return.

There are over 150 supporting scientific articles on PubMed (The National Library of Medicine) that clearly demonstrate how the herbs that are in Climinax will help increase the bodies serotonin

Climinax contains an all-natural blend of ingredients:
Pyridoxine, Folic Acid, Passiflora Coerulea Leaf Extract, Griffonia Seed Extract, and more, which all work together to naturally increase the amount of your serotonin levels.

Start taking Climinax today and you can expect:
Extend Your Time To Climax
Make Your Sex More Satisfying
Reduce Frustration and Disappointment
Increase Confidence In Your Sexual Ability


Take one Climinax Ultra premature ejaculation pill 30 minutes to one hour before sex and you will last 5 to 10 times longer than before.

The best part about Climinax is that it will "train" your body to expect to last longer and you will develop total control over your ejaculations even when you finish taking Climinax.

Try Climinax for at least 3 months and see what you can gain.

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